2016 in review

Although 2016 was marked by a great deal of political turmoil and violence in our world, I am thankful that I was also invited to capture much joy and beauty. In terms of the people I was able to work with and the moments I was able to witness, this year was a full and blessed one.

This post rounds up one hundred of my favourite images of the year - from elopements to Bissell Centre meals, newborn photos to my ongoing work with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, family pets to puddle jumping, young love to well-established families - there’s a sampling of it all here.

I look forward to all that I’ll document in 2017, and am sending much gratitude out into the universe today, as I reflect on the past twelve months. Thank you, whole-heartedly, for all of you who continue to support my work. It really means a great deal to me. Happy new year. 

xo Carmyn

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