engaged: myro + talia

Maybe, if you’re lucky - you’ll meet a person at a formative time in your life. And you’ll do things like travel through Europe on trains with mutual friends (and perhaps fight a lot while you’re there), and remain friends for the next decade - experiencing many of the losses and joys that life inevitably brings. 

Maybe you’ll even watch this friend fall in love and you’ll end up moving next door to each other. Perhaps, one day, when a leak forms a hole in your drywall ceiling, this friend will come over to patch it up for you and might tell you that he’s going to propose to his girlfriend on a future trip.

After that day comes, maybe the three of you take a walk in your neighbourhood - on paths you know very well - and you will take their photos and feel full and happy and lucky to be a part of it all. :) 

Congratulations, Myro. I am so glad you and Talia have found each other and that I can call you both my friends. xo


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